Line 6 JTV59 Hard Case – Hiscox STD-EG

If you’re lucky enough to own a USA custom shop Line 6 JTV59, then it comes with a hard case. For the rest of us who own the standard production model, Korean JTV59, we get a very high quality thick padded gig bag. If you’re like me, you may want the ultimate protection that a hard case gives over a gig bag.

Introducing the Hiscox STD-EG case for Les Paul style guitars.

The late (great) Nick Mattocks told me about Hiscox cases around a year ago, and he had one already in his possession for a Les Paul. When he took delivery of his JTV59, he tried it in his Hiscox STD-EG, and it was a perfect fit (see photo above). Naturally I wanted a sniff of the action, and so when Line 6 sent me a JTV59 to review, I got hold of a Hiscox STD-EG case to also review. I too found that the JTV59 fitted in the STD-EG like Cinderella’s foot in her glass slipper!

Now to get down to some details:

The Hiscox case has a soft plush padded interior, and so your guitar would be safe from knocks and bumps in most situations (remember this is a hard case, not a flight case). There are also some extra padded areas inside the case, to help hold the guitar in position when in transit.
The case supports the JTV59 neck very well, and seems to add very little pressure to the back or front of the neck, but does still hold the guitar and neck in place. This only comes from a very well designed and manufactured case.

There is a decent amount of storage within the case, large enough for a strap, some picks, a set of strings and a small tuner, and general bits you may want to stash there.

The case latches are high quality and have a very smooth yet strong action. They are much better than those I have on similar Epiphone and Gator cases for Les Paul style guitars.

Perhaps the single small issue I have found, that Hiscox could improve, is the presence of only 3 feet on the case for when it’s stood on its side (carry handle facing upwards, just like you’re carrying the case). It seems that there isn’t a foot missing, and there ‘should’ only be 3. Yet I feel the case isn’t as stable as it could be, if it had 4 feet. It’s a minor issue, as I am careful when putting it down so I am sure it is stood on the 3 feet well and won’t fall over.

Hiscox cases are made in the UK but sold worldwide. After trying a JTV59 in an Epiphone Les Paul case, and a Gator Les Paul case, it became clear to me that not all Les Paul cases will fit a JTV59 at all. So if you can get a Hiscox STD-EG I would certainly recommend it over any other case. I you can’t get one locally, check Hiscox’s website (linked below) as they have a dealer search. Alternatively make sure you try out any case for your JTV before buying it.

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Photo courtesy of Nick Mattocks.