Amp Modeller Makers Get Amp Manufacturer Support – Why?


Line 6 started a trend in 1996 with the release of the AxSys 212 modelling guitar amplifier and soon after in 1999 the red kidney bean shaped POD was released and changed how guitarists recorded guitar tones in the studio. Since then Line 6 have released many other products, but so have other companies too!.

After reading about IK Multimedia’s release of officially certified Orange and Carvin amp models for AmpliTube on Guitar Noize I begun to think about original amp manufacturers and how in the past few years, they have been more willing to officially support/certify amp models/simulations of their ‘real’ amps.

The first time I remember hearing about it was Reinhold Bogner working with Line 6 on the Spider Valve and later the DT series amplifiers. There were also some unconfirmed internet rumours of Reinhold supporting Line6 when modelling Bogner amps for POD amp models (I.e. The Uber), but of course that is not official certification.

IK Multimedia do seen to have got themselves into an interesting position where they have gained official certification from Fender, Orange, Carvin, Marshall and MXR (from AmpliTube Slash). But what does that mean? Does it mean those amp models will be as realistic as possible, or will it actually mean the original manufacturer will have put some constraints on IK Multimedia to limit the impact on their own sales. Or am I over analysing this far too much, and everyone is a winner here, consumers and manufacturers. Who knows.