Why Settle For 4 Amp Voicings, When 30 Will Do!


All you need to know is that Christmas has come 2 months early! With Line 6 already releasing the POD HD updates recently, now it’s the turn of the DT Series of amplifiers to get some serious love with firmware v2.0 bringing some great new features.

Now there are all POD HD amp models (30 increased from 4), some other configurable amp parameters, 12 reverb models, 17 selectable cab models (including no cab). These are all configurable via MIDI, so if you would prefer not to have these extra options, that’s fine too, as the original features and ease of use will still be there.
With this update the DT50 you can now use the direct output when in standby mode (which was already there on the DT25).

Line 6 have made it very easy to select all these additional amps and settings, and if you change amp models, cab models, reverb model and other settings, those settings will stick even after power off/on. This can be reset back to default easily on the amp in a few seconds or edited further.
Line 6 have provided the MIDI info to do this using any MIDI application that can send MIDI data, but have also given us some easy to use templates for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch TouchOSC app, to make it super easy to change any and all of these available settings.

For more info see here: http://line6.com/dtv2update/