Line 6 Tyler Variax HD upgrade & Variax Workbench HD

Coming soon to a downloads page near you: Tyler Variax HD

Tyler Variax HD will be a free upgrade from amp and guitar modelling pioneers Line 6 enhancing all James Tyler Variax guitars to include an entire collection of pristine HD instruments.

Also included with this upgrade will be a new version of Variax Workbench, unsurprisingly named ‘Workbench HD’. This will be supported by all Tyler Variax guitars and will enable new ways to customize your guitars and tones.


One thought on “Line 6 Tyler Variax HD upgrade & Variax Workbench HD

  1. It’s a big tease the way Line 6 just reveal that much then leave us hitting refresh on Monkey for weeks! I need a life…

    Looking forward to it all the same.

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