Marshall 50th Anniversary Purple Hendrix Stack

Rumour just in: A sighting of what seems to be a purple Marshall Plexi stack with 50th anniversary stickers on it.

I have 3 possible guesses:
1. It’s just the current reissue of a 1959SLP, but it’s had the Marshall custom shop treatment for the purple tolex, etc. (Explains the 50th anniversary stickers).
2. It’s an original 1994 Hendrix ltd edition stack And either is in perfect condition, or it’s been recovered (this doesn’t explain the new 50th stickers).
3. It’s actually a new golden jubilee amp that’s not released yet (but might be at NAMM in a few days).

I will let you decide for yourselves what it is 🙂

Update 21st Jan: This is confirmed to be the only purple one, made by the Marshall custom shop specifically for Supatone Music in Norwich, England. Still no more details, but at least we know its a one off in this colour!


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