Viva Belov!

Viva Belov!

Viva Belov! Or in English: “Living Belov!”

The above photo shows this slogan printed on the amp chassis of a Blackheart Engineering Little Giant (BH5H), and it sure is true, those things are alive!

The ‘Rock Out Certified’ Little Giant was one of Pyotr Belov’s many creations, this one being with Blackheart Engineering, but he’s also worked on the Epiophone Valve Series (including the Valve Junior), his own custom boutique amps (Called Belov Amps) and the more recent rereleased Ampeg guitar amps.  They’re all examples of Viva Belov!

Now Belov’s going in a new direction, and had setup a new company with the sole intention of helping other companies maximise their potential through all plases of releasing a new music product to the market.  Here’s the info from the almightly Belov himself:

“After 25 years in the Music Instrument Industry I decided to offer my knowledge to all of those who want to take their product to the next level. This week I formed Belov Group LLC. To learn more, please visit Belov Group LLC offers a range of consulting services all designed to help your company reach its potential and react to new opportunities quickly with less risk.

There will be no major launches, no flashy web sites and no Facebook to suck up valuable time. The focus is on the customer and their product. I will be at NAMM so perhaps I will see you there and be glad to answer your questions in person.”