Marshall Prototype Sighting

Marshall’s very own Paul Marshall (@PaulM1962 on Twitter) has within the last 2 hours, posted a couple of photos of a “very very cool prototype” being tested out by Bernie Marsden. Bernie has in the past been linked to the use of Marshall JTM45s, and although the prototype photo doesn’t clearly show the details of the amp, we can see a few details: It’s a head and cab, there is gold piping like a plexi, and a rear panel similar to a JTM or plexi. There’s also an orange power light, also like a JTM, lighter colour grille cloth, and the top handle for the head has gold coloured end plates. There’s a Marshall custom shop logo on the cab and a square Marshall logo from the mid 60s.

Let the speculation begin….. My guess is a 5 watt Marshall JTM custom shop mini stack. Or alternatively something similar but with a little more power for gigging, like 20 watts.