Guitarists Dreams Can Come True Part 3! – Line 6 DreamStig (DreamStage+DreamRig)

That’s right, the wait is over! Welcome to the third and final part of my ‘Guitarists Dreams Can Come True’ series of blogs.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t already read the previous two parts of this blog series on the Line 6 M20d smart mixer and L3t/m advanced PA speakers, you can find them here:
Part 1 from March 2013
Part 2 from April 2013

In this third instalment I will shift focus a little to satisfy the guitarist within me, and look more closely at using a POD HD with L3t/m speakers. As I’m combining part DreamStage with part DreamRig, I will refer to this as DreamStig 🙂 and will detail some steps to help you get up and running with your own DreamStig in only a few minutes.

Q: Dr Rowbi, can you help me? I only ever have nightmares and never dream!?!?

A: Fear not my young padawan learner, I will write you a prescription for the following: Get down to your local Line 6 dealer and purchase yourself a Line 6 POD HD300/400/500 or Pro, and to go with it purchase a number of StageSource L2t/m or L3t/m speakers (the more the merrier). But don’t stop there, you’ll also need enough Line6Link cables (1 per speaker) to connect everything up. Now here’s where your dreams will start to come true: Simply connect the POD to one of the speakers using the L6Link connectors, and connect L6Link cables in a daisy chain between each speaker to the next speaker until all other speakers are connected. Power everything up, and the POD and speakers will configure themselves automatically to work at their best together.

Q: Dr Rowbi, I’ve been to my local music shop and got a cracking deal on a POD HD500, an L3t and an L3m, just as you prescribed. I’ve now connected them together using 2 L6Link cables, and I can see the speakers auto configure themselves to electric guitar speaker mode and the POD HD configures itself to combo power amp output mode. How does that all happen, and what do I do next?

A: It all happens by magic…. Well almost. Those clever boffins at Line 6 came up with the idea of Line6Link (L6Link for short), which can use a digital signal to carry multiple audio channels as well as control information all along a single cable. That makes it easy for the POD and StageSource speakers to know they’re connected to each other and configure themselves appropriately. It also helps to keep cables to a minimum, by only needing one cable from POD to the first speaker, then daisy chaining each speaker to the next speaker.
If you have one speaker, it will be mono (summed left and right), but add a second and then one speaker will be right and the other left. Add a third and you will have a right, a left and a mono (summed left and right) in the middle. Add a fourth, and you get two lefts and two rights, and so on.
So now you know that, next you just need to use presets from the POD that use pre-amp models, or create your own presets again using pre-amp models. You should try not to use full amp models as you would be emulating the power amp twice, as the speaker is already doing that for you, so it’s best to use POD pre-amp models.

Q: Dr Rowbi, that all sounds swell, but I’m not too hot on creating presets. What can I do?

A: That’s simple. Use the POD HD built-in default presets that are for DT amps (as they will be pre-amp models only). Once you feel comfortable doing that you can always take a look on CustomTone and search for ‘pre’ to show you pre-amp presets that others have created which you can download. You can even download some for a POD HD400, for use with DT amps or StageSource speakers that I have gigged with:
Then get the POD HD edit software for your POD and upload the downloaded presets to your POD HD. You can get it HERE

Q: Dr Rowbi, can I use a Variax with all this for a full DreamRig but with StageSource speakers in place of DT amps?

A: You sure can. There are no special considerations though. Just plug it into the Vaxiax input on your POD HD500 or Pro, or just use the standard guitar input in other POD HDs as usual. Essentially it will operate the same as using DT amps.

Q: Dr Rowbi, where do I go when I have more questions, or when I want to chat with other DreamStig users?

A: Just scoot over to the Line 6 community support forums, and you’ll find lots of help, and other users of all Line 6 products who can help you.