Trem Blocking – Options and Opinions

I first started using locking trems because the guitars I seemed to gravitate to for sound and style, seemed to be synonymous with locking trems…

As my playing style now rarely if ever requires even a hint of a whammy bar, I decided that the risk of a mid gig string breakage would cause me enough of a problem that I decided to block some of my trems.

I tried out the cheap (free) version, of cutting a small block of wood to size and jamming it between the side of the trem cavity and the stock metal trem block. It took a couple of attempts to get the piece of wood cut to exactly the right size, but if you have some scrap wood to hand and a saw, then its only a matter of how accurate you measure and cut the wood…. But it’s never going to take more than a couple of hours. The only issue is that you actually should block both sides of the trem block, but I cheated and only did one side, and used removable glue dots so that the wood block doesn’t move if I dive the trem. Obviously I’ve tightened trem springs so that the trem will always return well and hold the wooden block in place.

I tried a Tremol-no on another guitar, and its by far the most expensive option Ive tried here, but it does allow additional features, like locking the trem, or allowing dive bombs and pull ups, or lastly allowing dives only and protecting against string breakages. It takes a little while to setup, but its a very professional upgrade. I also bought a special back plate that has door that can be opened to facilitate changes to the Tremol-no setup easily. If you want options then this if for you.

The third and final option is my current favourite. The Brass Tremolo Back Stop / Stopper from RP Guitars.
This screws into your guitar, between 2 trem springs, using 2 tiny screws, and then you adjust it to rest against your stock metal trem block, so that the trem can’t pull up or go out of tune if a string breaks, but you can still dive the trem if that’s your thang.
It’s a very well thought out upgrade, and only takes a few minutes to install.