Filthcore through to Easycore – Essential Metal Musings

It always interests me when I hear a new genre of metal. First it was Nu-metal, then death metal, grindcore, screamo, industrial metal, Filthcore, doomcore, hyper filthcore …. I could go on.

Sure that order was roughly the order I recall hearing those new genres – but what do they all mean? Isn’t it all just metal? And can a band just create something new? How’s about I make one up: Easycore. I guess I would need to cross ZZ Top’s ethos of only playing 3 chords with some quality but simple riffage – Thus Easycore comes into being and resides within the lands of Earth.

I ask again: What does I all mean?

Perhaps think about pop music – which covers a very wide and diverse genre of music – it really could and does cover anything and everything that ‘the kids’ like listening too (cue Mr Blobby’s song from when I was a kid).

Yes, but still: What does it all mean?
Well does it even matter? If the genre created is meaningful to those who wrote it and those who will listen to it – Who cares, it’s metal after all.