Rowbi FX Custom – Chris George Drive

Rowbi FX Custom Chris George Drive Pedal

Being a world renowned guitar gear demonstrator, and being crowned Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Young Guitarist Of The Year 1997’ when he was 16. – Chris George is well versed in all things guitar.

I approached Chris and offered to make him his very own OD pedal from the Rowbi FX Custom Shop, something I’ve never done before. Rowbi FX is a hobby for me and all previous pedals I’ve built ( see some of them here ) are owned by yours truly. With that in mind I consider this a one off thing for a good friend – and so won’t be making any more Chris George Drive pedals.  This is a one off 🙂

Chris essentially wanted a clean boost with a bit more oomph and a way to boost treble too – but was happy for me to put my own spin on it.  So I took those requirements baked it at gas mark 7 for a few weeks (while it was built and tested) and viola – the Rowbi FX Custom Shop Chris George Drive was born.

Chris has given the pedal a good work out, and had this to say: “The pedal sounded amazing on my recent tour! Although it’s not a gain monster, there is plenty to add some sparkle, particularly on vintage amps. Thanks again for it, I’ll definitely have it as my go to OD pedal from now on.”