NAMM 2015 – Marshall Reissue Silver Jubilee 2555X


Remember this momentous occasion!  The reissue of the Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee in January 2015 at the Winter NAMM show.

The reissue head will be called the 2555X, and the cabs (containing 4 x V30 speakers) are the 2551AV (angled) and 2551BV (straight).   Never let it be said that Marshall didn’t release a significant Jubilee model around their 50th anniversary (ok, so it’s their 53rd this year in 2015 🙂 )


Full specs and the official press release below:

Marshall Launches a Modern Re-Issue of the Legendary Silver Jubilee 2555 Stack

1987 was a very special year for both Marshall Amplification and its founder, Jim Marshall, as it marked 50 years in the Music Industry for Jim, and the 25th Anniversary of his iconic British guitar amplification brand. To celebrate these two momentous occasions, Marshall released the Silver Jubilee Series of amps, clad in silver vinyl. Of this critically acclaimed series, the 100 Watt 2555 stack quickly became one of Marshall’s most popular and significant products. It was adopted by countless artists, including the one-and-only Slash.

Due to incredible public demand, Marshall is offering a UK made, modern re-issue of the highly sought after 2555 stack that exactly duplicates its features and legendary tone. The models are the 2555X head plus the angled-front 2551AV and straight-front 2551BV 4×12” cabinets (sold separately).


Here are the features:

2555X 100/50 Watt valve Head Features
• 3 x ECC83 (12AX7) preamp valves and 4 x EL34 power valve
• Silver vinyl and silver front panel
• High/Low Output selection switch – this switches the power stage between Pentode operation (100 Watts) and Triode (50 Watts)
• 2 footswitchable channels – Rhythm and Lead.
• Presence, Bass, Middle and Treble EQ controls
• Output Master/Pull channel Control. This footswitchable push/pull control switches between Rhythm and Lead settings.
• Lead Master Control which sets the Lead mode volume.
• Input Gain/Pull Rhythm Clip Control. When pulled out if adds extra crunch to the Rhythm Mode of the 2555X.
• Series Effects Loop
• DI Output for PA or recording
• Footswitch included
• Made in Britain with Pride

Check out my buddy Chris George doing what he does best in the video below:

2551AV and 2551BV Cabinet Features
• Angled (2551AV) and Straight (2551BV) fronted 4×12” versions available
• 4 x Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ speakers (70 Watts a piece)
• 280 Watts
• Silver vinyl
• Mono/Stereo Switching – 16 or 4 Ohms Mono; 8 Ohms per-side, Stereo
• Castor wheels included
• Made in Britain with Pride
For more information on Marshall Amplification visit:


NAMM 2015 – Marshall 50th Anniversary Of The Stack – Ltd Edition 4×12 Cabs


Cool!  it’s the 50th anniversary of the Marshall 4×12 cab, so Marshall have quite rightly decided to release a 50th anniversary 4×12 cab.

Full specs and press release below:

2015 is the 50th anniversary of the iconic Marshall stack, and to celebrate this we are delighted to announce the launch of two very special 4 x 12” speaker cabinets: the 812A50 angled cabinet and the 812B50 straight cabinet, which will be launched at NAMM 2015. The 50th Anniversary cabs are limited edition and will be available only until the end of the 2015.

These British built commemorative 4x 12”s will feature original cosmetics: authentically reproduced fret cloth, leather strap carrying handles, and era correct Celestion G12M speakers with solder tags. Both angled and straight cabs will bear a special plaque identifying them as limited edition 50th anniversary. And because not every guitarist will want or need a full stack, each cab will be available to buy separately.

For more information on Marshall Amplification visit:

Musikmesse 2013 – Marshall Custom Shop JTM1 Offset


According to Guitarist Magazine’s twitter feed (@Guitarist_Mag): this is “the final word on Marshall Amplification’s 50th anniversary”.

So that begs the question of what Marshall is planning for 2013? Marshall Amplification’s 51st year of loud…. Speculate away, but only time will tell.

Confirmed: Marshall Slash SL-5 (aka AFD5 combo) will be released at Winter NAMM 2013


News just in!  Slash (@Slash) tweeted the following on 21st Jan 2013:

“I won’t be able to attend myself, but the new Marshall AFD 5w Combo will be making its debut appearance at NAMM this weekend. iiii]; )'”

Shortly followed up by none other than Paul Marshall (@PaulM1962)

@Slash absolutely true, the all new @MarshallAmpsUK AFD 5W combo can be seen @NAMM on the Marshall stand, super cool combo”

Note: The photo above IS NOT the AFD5 (also called the SL-5).  The photo above is of a custom 5 watt combo that Marshall made for Slash a while back, but is not the same amp as the AFD5/SL-5

Marshall 50th Anniversary Purple Hendrix Stack

Rumour just in: A sighting of what seems to be a purple Marshall Plexi stack with 50th anniversary stickers on it.

I have 3 possible guesses:
1. It’s just the current reissue of a 1959SLP, but it’s had the Marshall custom shop treatment for the purple tolex, etc. (Explains the 50th anniversary stickers).
2. It’s an original 1994 Hendrix ltd edition stack And either is in perfect condition, or it’s been recovered (this doesn’t explain the new 50th stickers).
3. It’s actually a new golden jubilee amp that’s not released yet (but might be at NAMM in a few days).

I will let you decide for yourselves what it is 🙂

Update 21st Jan: This is confirmed to be the only purple one, made by the Marshall custom shop specifically for Supatone Music in Norwich, England. Still no more details, but at least we know its a one off in this colour!

Marshall SL-5 Slash Update


Check out the latest edition of Total Guitar magazine, which landed a few days ago. It includes an interview with Slash, who again confirms the existence of his 5 watt Marshall amp due out soon, and added that it includes a 1watt / 5watt mode, which makes it ideal for a practice and rehearsal amp.

Marshall SL-5 Slash


Well it seems there are some real listings of the Marshall SL-5 showing up on European retailer sites, with prices starting as low as 719EURO but also rising up to 895EURO RRP.

There is little info about this amp yet, or photos, but I am told there may be a little more released in the coming weeks…. Perhaps 😉

Note: The image above is of a custom combo Marshall made for Slash several years back. Chris George (The new product coordinator from Marshall) has confirmed that the SL-5 will not be the same as this photographed amp.  Chris George (Follow him on twitter @chrisgeorgeband) also said when referring to the amp photographed above: “That amp that’s done the rounds on the net was a one off 5w gift for Slash a few years ago. The SL-5 is completely different.”

So there we have it, we still know nothing about the SL-5, other than a rough idea of price, and that it’s likely to be released at winter NAMM in around a month.

Marshall 50th Anniversary Gig

Last night saw the most anticipated gig of the year: The Marshall 50th Anniversary & Jim Marshall Tribute Concert, which took place at Wembley Arena, London.

With appearances from some of the most talented and well known artists who use Marshall back lines, it was a gig I couldn’t miss.

From the articulate opening played by the house band (Chris George – guitar, Brian Tichy – drums, Jaz Lochrie – bass, Adam Wakeman – keys), through the crushing metal of Zakk Wylde/Kerry King, and a moving performance by Joe Satriani, to the finale of Smoke on the Water, featuring more than 8 guitarists and no less than 3 drummers: The whole night was faultless.

Particular highlights for me were:
Satch paying tribute to the late Jim Marshall with ‘Always With Me, Always With You’.
Satch and Paul Gilbert (aka G2, lol) doing a quick ad hoc blues shootout.
Paul Gilbert playing Cheap Sunglasses.
Billy Duffy and Corey Taylor playing/singing ‘Lil Devil.
The outrageous vocal range of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Glenn Hughes.
Al Murray playing the drums… Twice!
Brian Tichy showing what an outstanding drummer he is!


The gig was organised by Chris George, Marshall’s official product demonstrator, and new product coordinator.
Chris, who played in the house band at last nights gig, tweeted afterwards: “I’m at a complete loss for words. Tonight was everything I’d ever hoped it to be. Thank you ALL so much.” Chris also posted the following photo on his twitter feed: @chrisgeorgeband


Musikmesse 2012 – What Should We Expect This Year?

It’s the eve of Musikmesse 2012, and despite the fact that I’m not going this year, I am totally excited about a few products that we’ve seen info or rumours about so far.

Blackstar have hinted about some important new products they’re releasing.  My guess is either a solidstate amp including built in FX (see the tempo light flashing in the video below), or if it’s not solidstate, then a hybrid amp with digital preamp and tube power amp.  At a push you could say it might be a full tube amp with built in FX, afterall that’s nothing new that Marshall haven’t already done (Marshall Vintage Modern has digital reverb).

Obviously if it’s solidstate or hybrid, they’ll have to put in some effort to win market share from Line 6 with their Spider IV solidstate amps and Spider Valve MKII hybrid amps which have sold in excess of a million units, and are the best selling amps in the US.  The same could also be said for the DT25/DT50 amps which standalone include some very sought after HD amp models and built in digital reverb, but with the potential when connected to a POD HD via Line 6 Link to have access to a whole host of HD amp models, which then also control the true analog tube power amp in the DT amp for the best tone and best flexibility… I think it’s time for Line 6 and Blackstar to drop trousers, and see who has the biggest!  That’s of course assuming Blackstar does release a product that’s in direct competition with Line 6….. You’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Here’s the teaser Blackstar video:

If you’ve been living in a cave in the Misty Mountains for the past 18 months, you may have missed that Joe Satriani is working with Marshall to create his new signature JVM.  This we know is being released at Messe, and you can see more info HERE.

Propellerhead are also due to announce something this evening, at an invitation only VIP event.  It would seem that the announcement will be something for the new iPad, because the invitations for this VIP event went out only 1 day after Apple announced its new iPad.  A coincidence perhaps… I doubt it!

That’s all for now…

Satch JVM – Musikmesse 2012

It’s almost official!  The Satch JVM will be released at Musikmesse 2012, Which starts in less than one week.  Marshall will also be showing off their 1 watt Anniversary amps, and a few other surprises.  All of which I’m sure Chris George will be doing a fine job of demonstrating just like the AFD100 and YJM100 I saw him demo at Messe last year (See the photo below).

For more info just follow Marshall Amps UK on Twitter (which is the source for this information):!/MarshallAmpsUK