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Line 6 Amplifi TT – First Review


An amp with no power amp and speakers – what an interesting concept.

Ultimately, that’s all a POD is too, and look how much of an industry standard they are these days, and how many scores of companies have copied what Line 6 did almost 20 years ago.

These days most of us have some kind of sound system or sound-bar in our lounge, sitting room, study, rehearsal space, office or bedroom.  So for listening to music and/or jamming/rehearsing why cram in another amp, when something like this little baby can connect to an existing guitar amp, a hi-fi, a sound bar, or your headphones, and deliver the great Amplifi experience in a compact size!

If you’re familiar with what Amplifi does, then you’ll know that it crams in all of the known and loved POD XT/X3 amp models and FX, and it also gives you a modern iOS and Android editing platform.  Sure you do need an iOS device (iphone/iPad/iPod Touch) running a later version of iOS (most devices up to 3 years old will be fine) or an Android phone/tablet running a reasonably recent version of ‘droid, but the remote app is simple to use on either platform.  The remote app not only allows you to edit your sounds and store them in the Amplifi TT – but you can store them to your own cloud account, or share them with the wider Amplifi community.  You can also play music from your device though the Amplifi, and crucially balance the volume between your music and your guitar.  And perhaps the most cutting edge feature – when you play a song from your tablet, the remote app will load a matching tone from the cloud, so you can jam along in seconds!  How cool is that!

If you’re just looking to play music, your PC or MAC can stream bluetooth audio too, but not edit tones.

The verdict:

I found the Amplifi TT that Line 6 loaned me to review easy to use, with the iOS remote and Amplifi remote.  It really did bring a smile back to my face, especially when I cranked up the MS-Criminal amp model (Peavey 5150). I also connected my Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII, and could ste through many presets including those preloaded, and also those I’d downloaded from the online community and saved using the App.

Pros: Great jamming and rehearsal tool, inexpensive (around £150 online), solid guitar tones.

Cons: No PC/MAC editor

Score: 9/10

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