Line 6 Tones

Tones and Tone Bundles


Using the Amplifi Remote App on a compatible device, just search for tones, and use the search term ‘Rowbi’.

POD HD ‘Bean’

These tones are used in my POD HD Bean first look video.  There’s the dual tone I create during the video, a lead tone that was just as easy to create, and a bass tone.

Download HERE


Here are some new tones showcasing some of the new amp models and DEP settings available in the new v1.31 firmware.  These are also the tones I used while making my demo video of the POD HD300.

Download HERE

Here are some POD HD500 tones. They are for use in studio direct mode, and are best with a humbucker… but anything goes… try them with your strat and tweak them around as you want, if that’s your thing. There’s 5 tones in this zip file:
Recto+HiWatt Smoke: A high gain lead tone, but with the HiWatt and some FX to mellow it out. Think Joe Satriani vs the Top Gun Anthem…
Super ‘O’: A really nice tone which can be used for various genres… just adjust your guitars vol control… Also use FS1 to kick it up a gear!
Double O’s: A pair of Supro’s with some deay usd to ticken up and double trackyour tone.
Parked!: A sort of plexi tone. I love it!
Cave HiWatt: A crunchy HiWatt with some spacious reverb.
Get the zip file of 5 tones by clicking HERE.

POD HD400 + DT50 Head
I’ve created some tones to use with just an HD400 and a DT50 amp.  There’s several in there, with a Plexi tone, 2 Bogner tones, a HiWatt tone, and a Recto tone (as used in my Youtube video demo).  Get the zip file containing these 5 HD400 Edit tone files by clicking HERE.

POD X3 Live
LATEST BUNDLE: 23rd Jan 2009

It’s been a while since my last bundle. I’ve now got a bundle that works well with headphones (my Sennheiser HD280 Pro’s) and with my Atomic Reactor 112-50 watt (I no longer own the Atomic so I can’t test that any more) and 1×12 spider valve (with Celestion G12K100 speaker). I use studio direct for the headphones, and combo poweramp for both the amps.
The first few user banks are the ones I use the most. 4A and 3D are 2 new ones to check out, and some of the other old ones have been tweaked a little. Get this bundle HERE

Blackheart Amp Demo Tones For X3L – 3rd August 2008

Check out patch 20B (Tone 1 and 2 separately) and 20C Tone 1 only. Click HERE to download.

POD Farm
AC/DC Demo Tone: December 2008

Click HERE for the tone.

POD XT/Toneport
Dirty Plexi Jump: A Jumped Plexi with a Tube Screamer in front. Classic tone! Get it HERE

Satriani: If your fingers are fast enough, here’s the tone to nail Joe Satriani’s tone. Get it HERE

Pocket POD
Are you frustrated that you can’t edit the Band and Style presets without moving them one by one to the user bank? Have no fear, Rowbi is here! lol
Here I have manually saved all the Band and Style presets into 2 seperate bundles of user editable tones for your Pocket POD. Heck I’ve even included a list of all the tone names. Get it HERE