1980’s Leeds Era Roost


4 thoughts on “1980’s Leeds Era Roost

  1. I’ve just acquired a Leeds SR100 Roost which is almost identical to this one for next to nothing due to it not working mainly due to missing its 4 main tubes it still has its 3 Mullard preamp tubes though but I’ve just ordered a complete set of valves as the condition of the Mullards are unknown. I’m hoping this is all thats wrong with it appart from an inch of dust and grime on the outside and almost the same inside where it has been stored up for years. I may change the caps aswell but I’ll see what happens when i test it out on my 4×12. I can’t wait to get this going as I’ve been told these amps are monster when cranked up.

    • Continuing on from my previous message I’ve now replaced all the valves including the preamp valves. I have stripped it down and cleaned it inside and out replaced the rusty old top handle with a NOS one which is identical to the original but with nice clean chrome.
      I have made a new back panel from thin plywood and used the same ally mesh as the top vent has then covered it in black vinyl as the old one was missing The main valves are now biased properly and I have connected it up to my 4×12 cab fitted with celestion V30’s. What can I say this Amp is awesome on the low output side the sound is warm and all encompassing right up to max which is way to loud in my house which it growls at you and practically tells you to plug into the high output side. Plugging into the high output side is an experience in itself it’s like a force of nature. I found turning up the volume to max then controlling the volume from the master volume knob is the way to go. Between half and one on the master volume is like whoa then turning upto one and a half the neighbours come to the front door and start asking questions. I got upto three in my house and windows were vibrating and I could feel the hairs on my legs start to move. The next test would be in a soundproof practice room with foot thick triple glazed windows. There were two friends in the room with me i warned them of my experience at home and I think they took it a little too lightly. By the time I got to four on the master everyone was in hysterical laughter even more so when one asked me what number were were on and I told them were not even half way yet. To cut a long story short we only got upto 8 as our ears were hurting by then and the air that the speakers were pushing was making the bottom of my jeans move but the sound remained pure with no horrible distortion. Basically if you get a good ROOST amp set up properly with a good cab and speakers then it can’t be beaten it is by far the best amp i’ve ever owned and ever will and this particular one is awesome and insane and I think quite possibly possessed by some sort of demon.

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