Guitarists Dreams Can Come True Part 3! – Line 6 DreamStig (DreamStage+DreamRig)

That’s right, the wait is over! Welcome to the third and final part of my ‘Guitarists Dreams Can Come True’ series of blogs.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t already read the previous two parts of this blog series on the Line 6 M20d smart mixer and L3t/m advanced PA speakers, you can find them here:
Part 1 from March 2013
Part 2 from April 2013

In this third instalment I will shift focus a little to satisfy the guitarist within me, and look more closely at using a POD HD with L3t/m speakers. As I’m combining part DreamStage with part DreamRig, I will refer to this as DreamStig 🙂 and will detail some steps to help you get up and running with your own DreamStig in only a few minutes.
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Guitarists Dreams Can Come True Part 2! – Line 6 StageSource L3t/L3m Review


After reading the first instalment in this series of blogs on the Line 6 M20d smart mixer, you’ll hopefully have managed to pick up your jaw off the floor. Sure the M20d is ‘only’ a mixer, but its features are so advanced yet intuitive and useful, that it’s surprising someone else hadn’t made something similar before now. But to Line 6’s credit, they recognised this and in true Line 6 style, are the first to the party.

In this 2nd part of my series of guitarists point of view blogs on the Line 6 Dream Stage, I’ll be looking closely at 2 similar products: The StageSource L3t and L3m. The two actually share some of the same features, with the L3t having a few extra features over the L3m, such as built in FX, EQ and dedicated instrument/mic inputs, plus an additional £100 price tag (£849 online for the L3t and £749 online for the L3m).
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Guitarists Dreams Can Come True! Part 1 – Line 6 StageScape M20d Review


As a guitarist, I’m not usually too bothered by mixers or PA gear, but when the Line 6 Dream Stage was released it really caught my eye. My initial reaction was that the price point of the mixer was a little too high for my needs, but when you actually sit down with one even for a short time, you really start to understand how much it can do for you and why it’s well worth every penny of the £1449 it currently sells for online in the UK.

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