NAMM 2013: Line 6 Expands Functionality of DT-series Amps and POD® HD-series Multi-effects with Free Firmware Updates


Line 6 DT50


DT-series amps and POD HD-series multi-effects now offer guitarists more tones, features and flexibility than ever before

ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 24, 2012—Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A), is pleased to announce the availability of two firmware updates that dramatically increase the functionality of DT-series amps and POD® HD-series multi-effect processors. These free updates feature new HD tones, more configuration options and unprecedented flexibility.

V2.0 Firmware for DT-series amps

Co-designed by Line 6 and tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner, DT-series amplifiers combine reconfigurable analog topologies with Line 6 technology to provide boutique feel and sonic versatility. Firmware v2.0 introduces the following features:

  • 30 HD preamps (increased from 4) give guitarists the ability to create unique amp tones by pairing any preamp with any combination of dynamic topologies—including negative feedback loop, operating class, power tube mode, and more—within Reinhold Bogner’s reconfigurable tube power amp
  • Musicians can load a DT amp with up to eight unique voicings (four on channel A, plus four on channel B), providing a wide array of tones for performance and recording
  • Each voicing can be configured with a choice of 12 reverbs, all of which feature unique parameter settings
  • Reverb spillover allows the reverb to finish its decay when switching between Channel A and Channel B
  • Each amp model can have its own unique 12AX7 boost setting*

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Why Settle For 4 Amp Voicings, When 30 Will Do!


All you need to know is that Christmas has come 2 months early! With Line 6 already releasing the POD HD updates recently, now it’s the turn of the DT Series of amplifiers to get some serious love with firmware v2.0 bringing some great new features.

Now there are all POD HD amp models (30 increased from 4), some other configurable amp parameters, 12 reverb models, 17 selectable cab models (including no cab). These are all configurable via MIDI, so if you would prefer not to have these extra options, that’s fine too, as the original features and ease of use will still be there.
With this update the DT50 you can now use the direct output when in standby mode (which was already there on the DT25).
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Amp Modeller Makers Get Amp Manufacturer Support – Why?


Line 6 started a trend in 1996 with the release of the AxSys 212 modelling guitar amplifier and soon after in 1999 the red kidney bean shaped POD was released and changed how guitarists recorded guitar tones in the studio. Since then Line 6 have released many other products, but so have other companies too!.

After reading about IK Multimedia’s release of officially certified Orange and Carvin amp models for AmpliTube on Guitar Noize I begun to think about original amp manufacturers and how in the past few years, they have been more willing to officially support/certify amp models/simulations of their ‘real’ amps.

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Dream Big for Your Dream Rig

Save Big on Your Dream Rig

Line 6 Promo Offers $500 Savings on the Best-Sounding, Most Advanced Guitar System Ever

RUGBY, UK, 8TH October 2012—Line 6 UK Ltd. is pleased to announce the “Save Big on Your Dream Rig” promotion. The Line 6® Dream Rig integrates a James Tyler® Variax® guitar, DT-series amp, and POD® HD500 or HD Pro multi-effect into the world’s best-sounding, most advanced guitar system. Customers can save £325 on the entire system, or up to £125 on select components.*

From 1st October – 31st December 2012, customers visiting participating Authorized Line 6 retailers will receive £100 instant savings on DT-series amplifiers and £125 instant savings on James Tyler Variax guitars

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Big Dreams for Less

Save Big on Your Dream Stage

Line 6 Promo Offers Up to £1,125 savings on the Latest Live Sound Gear

RUGBY, UK – 8th October 2012—Line 6, Inc. is pleased to announce the “Save Big on Your Dream Stage” promo, which offers significant savings on groundbreaking StageSource™ and StageScape™ M20d live sound products. From 8th October–31st December 31, 2012, customers can save £100 per StageSource loudspeaker (limited to 10 loudspeakers per person).

In addition to the instant rebate, Line 6 is also offering customers who purchase and register the Dream Stage the opportunity to claim an additional £125 via a mail in rebate.  Customers who purchase a complete system could save £1,125 (10 speaker plus one M20d).  Terms and conditions apply.

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Line 6 DT25 Review – Little Brother or Little Devil..?

The cutting edge Line 6 DT50 is where it all started just over a year ago, but Line 6 certainly didn’t finish what they wanted to achieve in a single product. The DT25 is the new kid on the block, and while you could initially be mistaken for thinking of it as the DT50’s little brother, it is in fact very capable tube amplifier in its own right, with a couple of extra features that the DT50 itself doesn’t have to boot!

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Line 6 DT25 Press Release

Press releases can sometimes be about as exciting to flick through as having a tooth pulled, but not this time.  The pioneers of amp modeling – Line 6 – have recently announced their new line of DT25 guitar amplifiers, and to add to the buzz I’ve got the full press release here in my grubby paws… MWHA HA HA HA HAAAAA… OK, enough of that… Here’s the scoop:

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