NAMM 2015 – Line 6 Firehawk FX


Line 6 Firehawk FX

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s the latest amp sim and multi FX to come from those boffins over at Line 6!

A mash up between an Amplifi FX100 and POD HD, gives you a streamlined interface, some great Amplifi (X3) and HD amp tones, and a very rich selection of FX (200 in total, with 50 from the POD HD).  It doesn’t have quite all of the features of POD HD500X, no dual signal path, no MIDI, etc – But for some this will be an ideal piggy in the middle!

You can jam along to Bluetooth audio sources, and edit presets using an iPad, iPhone and Android.  You can also use the tone match feature in the remote app, to auto select you a guitar tone to jam along to what you’re listening to.  This helps you to focus on playing more!

There’s a USB interface for recording and playing back audio if that’s what you like.

There are many preset locations, as well as the ability to use additional footswitches to turn on and off FX within a preset – and I like the dim/bright footswitch LEDs that glow dimly when an FX block is off, and brightly when it’s on (just like a Line 6 M13).

If you’re a Variax user (original Vax, JTV, or new Variax Standard) you can use the build in Variax VDI input too – or alternatively there’s the standard guitar input.  If you do have a compatible Variax, the Firehawk can also switch your Variax guitar models and the tunings too, all as part of a preset change (i.e. pressing a footswitch) – NICE!

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Dream Big for Your Dream Rig

Save Big on Your Dream Rig

Line 6 Promo Offers $500 Savings on the Best-Sounding, Most Advanced Guitar System Ever

RUGBY, UK, 8TH October 2012—Line 6 UK Ltd. is pleased to announce the “Save Big on Your Dream Rig” promotion. The Line 6® Dream Rig integrates a James Tyler® Variax® guitar, DT-series amp, and POD® HD500 or HD Pro multi-effect into the world’s best-sounding, most advanced guitar system. Customers can save £325 on the entire system, or up to £125 on select components.*

From 1st October – 31st December 2012, customers visiting participating Authorized Line 6 retailers will receive £100 instant savings on DT-series amplifiers and £125 instant savings on James Tyler Variax guitars

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POD HD Pro User Review – Which POD HD Is Best For You?



What does ‘Pro’ really mean… yeah ok, you got me, of course it means Professional. But what does that word mean to you?  Does it mean a job.. A career.. Or perhaps a vocation?  When listening to your guitar heros (and playing air guitar to their uncommonly good chops) do you dream of a day when you too could be a guitar hero with others listening to you on their iPods, etc. Would you then consider yourself a Pro?
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A Reason For Recording

Propellerhead Reason being as stable and feature packed as it is, and having been used on countless high profile albums, needs no lengthy introduction from me.

The recent announcement of Reason 6 does need a little more explanation.

It would seem that Record (propellerhead’s cut down DAW) will have its features incorporated into Reason 6, and therefore Record will no longer be required.  Those of us (me included) who paid the extra for Reason Record Duo, will get a special lower upgrade price for Reason 6.  So that means our purchases of Record will not go to waste.

What’s most important to me is the continuing inclusion of Line 6 guitar and bass amps, as they are a large part of me purchasing into Propellerhead’s world of no plug-ins.

For the full detail on all this, and the upgrade prices for Reason 6, which will be available at the end of September 2011: Visit

Digitech iPB-10 – iPad Foot Controller

It would seem that with the sales figures suggesting there are more than 20 million iPad owners globally, that any music company selling accesories to use with an iPad already has a large potential market.

It’s not totally clear from Digitech whether this iPB-10 will just be a fancy dock and controller for the iPad, or if in fact this is an FX pedal where just the editing is done via the iPad.  My initial thoughts were that it was a controller and the iPad will process the audio, but then why are Digitech advertising the iPB-10 as having multiple DSP chips?  Digitech say: “The iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard is not simply a dock for the iPad.  It uses multiple Audio DNA2™ processors within the unit to provide users with no-latency, high-definition signal processing.”

All in all though, the cost of the iPB-10 added to even the cost of the entry level model of iPad 2 would likely make this whole package around £800 which is over twice the price of the Digitech RP1000.

So whilst I think this is a good idea, I’m not sure it’s been as well thought out.  Yes there’s a market for it if you already own an iPad, or are intending to buy one.  But if you’re not I fail to see how this can be justified, unless there really is a lot more you can do with it, and the sounds are superior to the RP1000.