Guitar Riot Theft – Manchester Man Jailed!


Check out this BBC News article. It looks like a Manchester man has been jailed for trying to sell on a guitar stolen from Dawsons music in the Manchester riots.


Meet Machine Head or Bring Me The Horizon + Win An Epiphone Les Paul or Flying V

It really needs no introduction, go to Gibson Guitar UK’s Facebook page to enter the competition to meet withof ht the bands, at one of their gigs, and to also win a signed Epiphone guitar.

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul – In Stores NOW

Well the waiting is over.  I just got a call saying my Slash Les Paul is in stock, and will ship out to me today.

The bad news is that the same store is showing on their website that these guitars are sold out… Other stores aren’t showing that so if you’re quick you may just be able to snatch one of the last few available… Rest assured these will be collectors editions and probably will hold their value for a long time!


In stock in Europe as of 09:35am

Hi-Res Photos – Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul

I’ve got hold of some really high resolution photos of the Epiphone Slash Signature Appetite For Destruction Les Paul. Also I have some photos of the man himself playing the guitar, a photo of the certificate, the hard case, and the full specifications. Continue reading

Rowbi’s Les Paul 3+ SD JB and POD X3 Live

If you want to watch these in High Definition (you can see what’s happening a lot easier) please right click the video and select the option to watch on YouTube. Then once there, select to watch in HD (it’s the option at the bottom saying 360p or 480p. You want to select the highest number available).

Les Paul 3 Pickup Alternative Wiring

When I started out with playing guitar, I quickly realised that if you wanted great guitar tone, then stock pickups on anything but top model guitars were a weak link. I also struggled to find much information on specific pickups, and therefore deciding what pickups I should buy for my guitar was a hard choice.
Continue reading