Line 6 Mobile POD – Mobile In demo track

Following on from my review of the Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD earlier in the year, I’ve recorded a short demo track showing how well the Mobile In audio interface for iPhone/iPad works, and how good the amp simulations in Mobile POD sound.

For this demonstration I used the Brit Hi-Gain amp model (Which I think is inspired by a Marshall JCM800.  I added delay and reverb using POD Farm 2.5 as a plug-in within my recording software, as I wanted some stereo delay and reverb (neither of which are included in Mobile POD at the moment).  Hopefully more FX will be released soon though, as it’s certainly benefitted from the recent update where you can play from your iTunes library directly in Mobile POD now!  Which now makes it my favourite home rehearsal tool, as well as something I always keep in my gigbag when I’m gigging, just in case I need a quick and easy backup rig!

Check out the demo at 

Check out my review of the Mobile In interface and Mobile POD app:

For more information about Mobile In and Mobile POD see


Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD App – Released

I blogged a while back that Line 6 had announced the impending release of their premium iPhone4/iPad/iPad2 audio interface.  Well I’ve just heard that Mobile In (the interface) has started shipping, and Mobile POD (the free amplifier and effects simulator app) is available to install from the App Store.  Watch this space for a full review coming in the next few weeks.

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