Line 6 Amplifi TT – First Review


An amp with no power amp and speakers – what an interesting concept.

Ultimately, that’s all a POD is too, and look how much of an industry standard they are these days, and how many scores of companies have copied what Line 6 did almost 20 years ago.

These days most of us have some kind of sound system or sound-bar in our lounge, sitting room, study, rehearsal space, office or bedroom.  So for listening to music and/or jamming/rehearsing why cram in another amp, when something like this little baby can connect to an existing guitar amp, a hi-fi, a sound bar, or your headphones, and deliver the great Amplifi experience in a compact size!

If you’re familiar with what Amplifi does, then you’ll know that it crams in all of the known and loved POD XT/X3 amp models and FX, and it also gives you a modern iOS and Android editing platform.  Sure you do need an iOS device (iphone/iPad/iPod Touch) running a later version of iOS (most devices up to 3 years old will be fine) or an Android phone/tablet running a reasonably recent version of ‘droid, but the remote app is simple to use on either platform.  The remote app not only allows you to edit your sounds and store them in the Amplifi TT – but you can store them to your own cloud account, or share them with the wider Amplifi community.  You can also play music from your device though the Amplifi, and crucially balance the volume between your music and your guitar.  And perhaps the most cutting edge feature – when you play a song from your tablet, the remote app will load a matching tone from the cloud, so you can jam along in seconds!  How cool is that!

If you’re just looking to play music, your PC or MAC can stream bluetooth audio too, but not edit tones.

The verdict:

I found the Amplifi TT that Line 6 loaned me to review easy to use, with the iOS remote and Amplifi remote.  It really did bring a smile back to my face, especially when I cranked up the MS-Criminal amp model (Peavey 5150). I also connected my Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII, and could ste through many presets including those preloaded, and also those I’d downloaded from the online community and saved using the App.

Pros: Great jamming and rehearsal tool, inexpensive (around £150 online), solid guitar tones.

Cons: No PC/MAC editor

Score: 9/10

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Line 6 AMPLIFi Detailed Review



As a father to a cheeky but adorable 2 year old girl, I often find myself with a little time to spare late in the evening to pretend that I’m the next Joe Satriani or Angus Young.  With the aforementioned dozer being fast asleep at such hours of the evening, it would be ideal if I had a whiz bang tool that allowed me to very quickly plug in and jam along to some Satch or AC/DC in my living room, or with the possibility to use headphones if I wanted to play loud without anyone else hearing it. The same features would also make such a product ideal for any bedroom rock star or a student who cant make too much noise in their dorm room.
I suppose it would also make sense that such a tool has super flexible features like streaming music from any Bluetooth device (phones/tablets/PCs/MACs) and is loud enough to rehearse and gig.
What about making it look especially cool and edgy with a funky updated vintage vibe going on so that it looks as good in a living room as well as on stage. Then lastly give it a price point that is affordable for even the smallest budget.

Well prepare yourself….. As those clever boffins at Line 6 have only gone and delivered an innovative and feature rich amp that fits all those requirements and more to boot! Its called the AMPLIFi, and is apparently such a new take on the humble guitar amp, Line 6’s marketing material suggested that the AMPLIFi is ‘The guitar amp, reinvented’. That is perhaps an overstretch, and I would have gone for ‘The guitar amp, evolved’.
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Rowbi’s Feature Demo – Line 6 AMPLIFi with FBV Shortboard MKII

Here’s a short feature demo I recorded to show the features of using an AMPLIFi and an FBV Shortboard MKIi together.

There is also an article on the line 6 forum which I contributed to which has some further explanation of the features available when using an FBV Shortboard MKII with an AMPLIFi:

Line 6 POD HD500X Review


It’s fair to say that when you upgrade to a new car, you often look for a similar model but with a little something extra. Lets say you have the outgoing BMW M5 and you want it’s replacement: The brand spanking new BMW M5, you’d expect it to be slightly more powerful, have updated technology, and have updated styling. If BMW were to release a new M5 that has nothing in common with its predecessor, and perhaps decided to style it on the looks of a 1980’s Skoda it may not be so well received.

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Line 6 Release Updated POD HD500X


Line 6 Updates Best-Selling POD HD500 Multi-Effects Processor with New POD HD500X

Best-in-class multi-effects processor delivers more DSP power for exceptional flexibility and creativity

RUGBY, UK.—10th July, 2013— Line 6, Inc. today introduced the new POD® HD500X guitar multi-effects processor, the successor to the best-selling* POD HD500. With even more processing power, POD HD500X enables musicians to create more intricate sounds and signal chains than ever before. Professional-grade, backlit footswitches provide total control and are highly visible in any environment.
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Just In – Line 6 Announce Free Update For M20d Smart Mixer


Line 6 Advances the Recording Capabilities of StageScape M20d with New v1.1 Software

Latest update brings enhanced recording, file management and playback functionality to the award-winning StageScape M20d

ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 24, 2012—Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A), leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians, is pleased to announce v1.1 of the StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system. This software update features enhanced recording, file management and playback capabilities that make it even easier for musicians to record their live shows, soundchecks and rehearsals.
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Line 6 POD Studio Interfaces Now Include Propellerhead Reason Limited


From 1st September 2012, new Line 6 POD Studio GX, UX1, UX2 and KB37 owners can get Reason Limited for free (If yours came with the older Reason Adapted, you can upgrade for free via the following link).

Check out the full details of this deal on the Line 6 Website

For full details of what Reason Limited is, check out the Propellerhead Website.