Updating your Line 6 StageScape M20d to v1.1 – Video Tutorial


If you’re a regular visitor to Rowbinet, the free StageScape M20d firmware update (v1.0 to v1.1) will be no surprise to you.

I’d had a little issue where I’d updated to v1.1 and it had wiped all my setups that I had not backed up.  I didn’t get any warning of this, and luckily I only had a couple of setups to recreate.  This video shows you the whole process of how to backup to an external SD card (the process is the same for a UDB flash drive or USB HDD), update your M20d, and then restore your settings.

Remember to select the settings button (the small cog bottom right of the video) once it’s started and choose to watch in 720 HD.  This will make the video much clearer, so you can more easily follow the tutorial.


Guitarists Dreams Can Come True! Part 1 – Line 6 StageScape M20d Review


As a guitarist, I’m not usually too bothered by mixers or PA gear, but when the Line 6 Dream Stage was released it really caught my eye. My initial reaction was that the price point of the mixer was a little too high for my needs, but when you actually sit down with one even for a short time, you really start to understand how much it can do for you and why it’s well worth every penny of the £1449 it currently sells for online in the UK.

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Just In – Line 6 Announce Free Update For M20d Smart Mixer


Line 6 Advances the Recording Capabilities of StageScape M20d with New v1.1 Software

Latest update brings enhanced recording, file management and playback functionality to the award-winning StageScape M20d

ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 24, 2012—Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A), leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians, is pleased to announce v1.1 of the StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system. This software update features enhanced recording, file management and playback capabilities that make it even easier for musicians to record their live shows, soundchecks and rehearsals.
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