Marshall JVM410HJS & JVM410HJSB Released

The day came on August 1st, when Marshall released the much much anticipated Satriani modified JVM410H, named the JVM410HJS (black production model), and limited edition JVM410HJSB and 1960AJSB/1960BJSB 4x12s in 30th anniversary 6100 blue as a half stack pack (limited to 650 units worldwide).

There is ‘stacks’ (geddit?) of info already available on my blog, including information on the mods made to the amp, and photos of both black production and blue ltd ed. models. Check it all out:

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Satch Sig Marshall JVM Ltd Edition Blue – final unit numbers released

I’ve just heard that the official word from Marshall is:  The limited edition ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’ Satch JVM stack pack will be limited to 650 units worldwide, and not the initially reported 500 units.

I assume that means if you want one, you had better get your order in very soon to make sure you are one of the lucky few!

Marshall Satriani JVM – Information Released

The Marshall Joe Satriani Head JVM410HJS is the amp that everyone has been waiting for. For two long years rumour and speculation have bounced around the industry but finally it’s here! Based closely on Marshall’s Flagship JVM410 amp, the Satriani JVM410HJS does defer on some key features specificed by Satriani: the 4 indepedent reverb controls (one for each channel) have been replaced by 4 independent noise gates so you can always have the perfect gating for the amount of filth dialed in! Another key addition is the ‘Mid Shift’ which voices the OD1 and OD2 channels to Joe Satriani’s signature sound.

The Clean channel is based on a Marshall 6100’s green mode with increasing amounts of gain for orange and red modes. While the Crunch channel sees the introduction of AFD circuits to the base JVM circuits. Finally the two identically voiced OD channels are a little less gritty than on the stock JVM to allow for smooth transitions between modes

Here’s What Marshall Say ABout The JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Head:

Marshall’s R&D engineers set out to work incredibly closely with Satriani, the latter having a very clear idea of how his own Marshall should sound. After various trials and experiments which even involved Satch using prototypes during recording and touring, the final version of the JVM410HJS was signed off and the wheels for UK production put in place.

At a first glance, the JVM410JS may look familiar. Taking a more detailed look (and listen) though, will make you realise just how different this amp is from its stock counterpart. So. how is the JVM410HJS different from the JVM410H?

Firstly, and probably most notable is the fact that the four reverb pots from the original JVM410 have now been replaced with noise gates; four noise gates no less, one for each channel and each with their own threshold. Another visible change to the front panel is the addition of a ‘Mid Shift’ button that can be used for both ODI and OD2 channels, shifting the mid character of the sound to that of Joe’s specification. Tone wise, the amplifier is very different: The Clean channel is based on the aforementioned 6100 when on the green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that tone too. The crunch channel takes the original JVM410 crunch and adds some of the popular Marshall AFD’ circuit to it. and the OD channels are now both voiced identically, based on the JVM410 ODI but with the gain scaled back slightly and a smoother transition between modes. The mid shift button determines the difference m mid character between the original JVM410 ODI and OD2 tone, moving the mids from around 650khz (Mid Shift off) to around 500kliz (Mid Shift on).

The rest of the JVM410HJS plays out in familiar territory: the amp is still powered by EL34 valves, there are two master volumes the supplied footswitch enables you to switch between channels, modes, 2 master. FX loop and now also the Noise Gates and Mid Shift too. There’s also full MIDI implementation on the unit.

Here are some shots (Some from Musikmesse). Click them for larger versions:

Musikmesse 2012 – What Should We Expect This Year?

It’s the eve of Musikmesse 2012, and despite the fact that I’m not going this year, I am totally excited about a few products that we’ve seen info or rumours about so far.

Blackstar have hinted about some important new products they’re releasing.  My guess is either a solidstate amp including built in FX (see the tempo light flashing in the video below), or if it’s not solidstate, then a hybrid amp with digital preamp and tube power amp.  At a push you could say it might be a full tube amp with built in FX, afterall that’s nothing new that Marshall haven’t already done (Marshall Vintage Modern has digital reverb).

Obviously if it’s solidstate or hybrid, they’ll have to put in some effort to win market share from Line 6 with their Spider IV solidstate amps and Spider Valve MKII hybrid amps which have sold in excess of a million units, and are the best selling amps in the US.  The same could also be said for the DT25/DT50 amps which standalone include some very sought after HD amp models and built in digital reverb, but with the potential when connected to a POD HD via Line 6 Link to have access to a whole host of HD amp models, which then also control the true analog tube power amp in the DT amp for the best tone and best flexibility… I think it’s time for Line 6 and Blackstar to drop trousers, and see who has the biggest!  That’s of course assuming Blackstar does release a product that’s in direct competition with Line 6….. You’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Here’s the teaser Blackstar video:

If you’ve been living in a cave in the Misty Mountains for the past 18 months, you may have missed that Joe Satriani is working with Marshall to create his new signature JVM.  This we know is being released at Messe, and you can see more info HERE.

Propellerhead are also due to announce something this evening, at an invitation only VIP event.  It would seem that the announcement will be something for the new iPad, because the invitations for this VIP event went out only 1 day after Apple announced its new iPad.  A coincidence perhaps… I doubt it!

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Satch JVM – Musikmesse 2012

It’s almost official!  The Satch JVM will be released at Musikmesse 2012, Which starts in less than one week.  Marshall will also be showing off their 1 watt Anniversary amps, and a few other surprises.  All of which I’m sure Chris George will be doing a fine job of demonstrating just like the AFD100 and YJM100 I saw him demo at Messe last year (See the photo below).

For more info just follow Marshall Amps UK on Twitter (which is the source for this information):!/MarshallAmpsUK

Joe Satriani Marshall – Official Photo Leak!


Here is the first official photo of the Satch Sig Marshall!

What we can see from from the pic, and what can we learn from the chaps at Marshall who tweeted about it?

Well the tolex is a very nice shade of blue (Flying In A Blue Dream, cool), gold piping seems likely because of the cover having gold piping. The handle seems to be a cross between modern and vintage Marshall handles, with the actual handle part modern plastic style but the metal end piece, gold.

Did anyone else also notice the real amp name? JVM410HJS, or JVM Joe Satriani Edition!… That’s for the standard black one though, and the blue limited edition will be called JVM410HJSB (those names are confirmed by Chris George of Marshall… Thanks Chris).

We also learnt that Chris George is cool for posting this, but him and the Marshall Custom Shop guy like a good joke! Nice1 guys… Keep the pics coming.
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