Rowbi – Guest Blogging On Line 6 Blog – Dialing In Spider Valve MKII Tones

If you’re a Line 6 Spider Valve MKII user, you need to checkout my series on dialing in tones on the SV MKII amps.  pop over to the Line 6 blog for more info: Line 6 Blog


TOP 10 iPad Music Apps

Shockingly (but unsurprisingly typical) the iPad still isn’t even available for pre-order in the UK (Although it will be ay the 10th May). So although us Brits are being left out in the cold, it doesn’t mean that we can’t drool a lot and take a good long look at the apps that will be available for it when it is finally available.

Click HERE to read a great article that shows us the top 10 computer music applications currently available for the iPad.

Releasing Your Own Album

If you’re anything like I am, you sometimes dream of being a famous rock star with several platinum albums under your belt, an ego that wont fit through normal terraced house doors, and perhaps some hot groupies (sorry wifey) hanging around for when you feel in the mood. But snapping back to the reality: You’re a guitar geek with aspirations way above your station…. Oh and you’ve got a wife who is way hotter than any groupie (phew, got outta that one). Continue reading