Marshall AFD100 and YJM100 @ Musikmesse 2011


Above you can see a couple of pics I took on my iPhone, in the Marshall demo booth at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt.

In one photo you can clearly see the Slash AFD100 on the far left, then the JYM100 to the right of it.  Then on the far right the JMD100.  There’s also a pic of The Chris George band actually playing, and I was lucky enough to shake Chris by the hand and have a discussion about how good the new Slash and Malsteem heads sound.

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Boss – Largest Pedalboard Ever!

I thought this was an interesting Front for the Boss stand at Musikmesse 2011.  OK, so it’s not the largest pedalboard ever, but it sure does have a lot of pedals on it… 198 to be exact!

For more info on Boss FX pedals, check out or

Cioks Pussy Power – FX Pedal Power Supply

Well what can I say about this FX pedal pwoer supply which I saw at Musikmesse 2011.  Cioks have been making power supplies for FX pedals for 20 years, and as it’s their only business they cater for all users and all FX pedals.  This differs from som other power supply manufacturers, as they often lean towards making their power supplies fit their own FX pedals more than to be truely universal.  That’s where Cioks fill the gap.

Check out all their products:

Line 6 M5

Sharing its name with some awesome machines (the BMW M5 and the M5 anti tank gun) Line 6 adds the M5 Stompbox Modeler box to the foray, which nicely fills the gap for users needing simple single FX tones and the ease of use that comes from a stomp box.

With some amazing specs, this little box of tricks may just be the only stomp box you ever need. It’s very similar to a multi FX unit, except that you can only run 1 effect at once (+ a noise gate too if you need it). Obviously if you want the same FX selection but the ability to run more than one, the M9 or M13 are for you (or maybe a pair of these M5’s). But if you like to travel light or you only need 1 FX at once, but would like the choice of different FX sometimes, then this is what you need!

  • Over 100 stereo FX (the same selection you find in Line 6’s other stompbox modellers, the M9 and flagship M13).
  • Stereo input and output.
  • MIDI In/OUT (on the side of the unit).
  • Built in tuner and noise gate.
  • 24 fully customisable preset locations.
  • Expression pedal input for the Line 6 EX1, or Mission.
  • Simple control layout with clear labelling on the unit.

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