NAMM 2015 – Orange Crush Amps Revamped

Orange 35RT front

The word on the street is that Orange is about to reboot its Crush range.  In this new range you will see a pair of lower watt (12w with 6″ speaker, and 20w with 8″ speaker) single channel amps, the Crush 12 and Crush 20.
Orange 35RT side

Next up are the 20RT (8″ speaker) and 35RT (10″ speaker), both foot switchable  dual channel amps, with great sounding distortion.  Orange has included an emulated Orange 4×12 cab simulation to the headphone and line outs of all of these 4 amps.

Orange 35RT top

Gone are the Crush PiX built in FX (lots of them), and here you have a great sounding “lush” digital reverb, and built in tunes on the RT models.

Orange is pitching these as practice amps, but with the emulated cab outputs, there’s no reason you couldn’t hook up to a PA and gig with them.

Available in classic Orange covering, or modern black covering.

Orange 35RT rear


Orange Amp Wall & Dark Terror @ Musikmesse 2011


Here are some photos of the hugh Orange wall of stacks, and the new Orange Dark Terror.  I heard someone demoing the Dark Terror, and it sounded good, so if you’re thinking about buying one, it’s certainly worth a trip to your local guitar store to give one a test drive.

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No It’s An Orange Amp… Wait, Actually It’s A PC?

What a cool idea. Perhaps originating from some geeky kid in his bedroom with a soldering iron, a spare PC and his practice amp. The only downside would be upgrade potential, or maybe if something broke outside of the warranty, it would possibly mean you’ve lost your PC and your amp….

BUT it’s still a good idea 🙂