Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD App – Released

I blogged a while back that Line 6 had announced the impending release of their premium iPhone4/iPad/iPad2 audio interface.  Well I’ve just heard that Mobile In (the interface) has started shipping, and Mobile POD (the free amplifier and effects simulator app) is available to install from the App Store.  Watch this space for a full review coming in the next few weeks.

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POD FARM™ 2.5 Available Now

The farm welcomes a new animal to the paddock today: POD Farm 2.5.

It’s a free update for any POD Farm 2.0 owners or a ssmall upgrade cost for POD Farm 1.0 users. It also includes a new free version in the form of a non time limited trial with a concise selection of amps and FX to show you some of what it can do. For some who only need a a couple of amp tones you may only need the free version, but I strongly suggest if you like it that you buy the standard or Platinum license (my preferred choice) as there will give you some extra tone options that are truely amazing.

Check out the official press release below for more info:
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Guide To All Things POD Farm 1, POD Farm 2 and POD Farm 2.5

Since the release of POD Farm, Line 6 have done a great job to clarify the different license types. With the release of POD Farm 2.5 it’s even easier. So with the help of some Line 6 FAQ documents, I’ve updated this guide with all the relevant information you’ll need to understand it all.

If you don’t fully understand something after reading this guide and after following all the links I provide within the guide, the best and the official place to get support for POD Farm is on the Line 6 Community where there’s lots more people to offer advice and support.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: The Guide to all things POD Farm v1.0 and POD Farm v2.0

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: The Guide to all things POD Farm v2.5 Released May 2011

Line 6 Toneport/POD Studio UX2 + Footswitches + POD Farm 2

If you have a Line 6 Toneport or POD Studio UX2, KB37 or UX8, then you may have wondered what the footswitch inputs are for…. There’s not a lot of info about these on Line 6’s website but using footswitches are really simple to setup.

Click HERE to checkout my quick instructional video on how to use footswitches with POD Farm 2 and your Toneport/POD Studio.

Note: any non-latching (momentary) footswitch should work for this. The Boss ones (FS-5U or FS-6) are very expensive, so alternatives are available, or you could make your own easily. There’s already lots of info around, on how to make one so just google it.

Line 6 POD Farm v2.01 Released

Line 6 have released POD Farm v2.01 for PC and Mac. This release fixes problems with authorizing on Macbook Pro i5 systems along with rolling in several bug fixes and improvements.

New features/fixes:
-Authorization problems with MacBook Pro i5 systems have been fixed
-Various crashes have been fixed
-Minor bug fixes

This new update can be downloaded for free (if you already own a POD Farm v2.0 license) from the Line 6 software download page

Line 6 POD Studio/Toneport to PC Speaker Adapter

3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter

UX1 Specs

If you use a Line 6 POD Farm or Toneport and you want to use your PC speakers, then you’ll notice that your PC speakers usually use a 3.5mm stereo jack plug but most of the POD Studio and Toneport devices (apart from the smaller GX) use a pair of 6.35mm mono jack sockets…. So what will you do?

Well here’s what you do… you buy yourself a 3.5mm stereo jack socket to 2 x 6.35 mono jack plag adapter. Just click the picture of the adapter above to buy one from Amazon UK, or click the photo of the Line 6 POD Studio UX1 for its specifications.