POD HD Pro User Review – Which POD HD Is Best For You?



What does ‘Pro’ really mean… yeah ok, you got me, of course it means Professional. But what does that word mean to you?  Does it mean a job.. A career.. Or perhaps a vocation?  When listening to your guitar heros (and playing air guitar to their uncommonly good chops) do you dream of a day when you too could be a guitar hero with others listening to you on their iPods, etc. Would you then consider yourself a Pro?
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Line 6 Announce POD HD Pro Rack Processor

The mothership has landed, and what an impressive mothership it is!

The latest Line 6 multi-FX and amp modeler to be branded with the POD HD moniker is the all new POD HD Pro.  It’s similar to the rest of the POD HD family and still boasts 22 amazingly detailed amp models, 16 cab models, 8 mic models, and over 100 high quality M-Series FX.  The easy to use interface will be familiar to you if you’ve used a POD HD500 or HD bean, but simple to work out if you’re new to the POD HD line or amp modelers in general.  Obviously the Pro model has some extra features which will certainly appeal more to studio users as well as those of us who like to keep our gear in a rack at the back of the stage and control it with an FBV Shortboard front of stage.

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