Line 6 POD HD300 Review – Revolutionary HD modelling has evolved once more!

Eight months ago Line 6 released their latest and greatest POD to date: The POD HD.  Within this new series of PODs, incorporating HD modeling, the POD HD300 is the lion cub within the pride, but think of it more as a Royal Marine trained lion cub with an assault rifle than some fluffy pet your kids want to take home from the zoo.  Now also add that Line 6 has just released a free update [v1.31] which includes 6 additional HD amp models and deep edit control of the original and also the new amp models.  This increases the total HD amp models to 22, so there’s even more choice of sounds for us tone freaks to choose from.
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Line 6 Release POD HD Series – HD300 HD400 HD500

It’s finally here… After what seems like a long wait, the lucky users hoping Line 6 will release their next generation of amp simulators need wait no more: POD HD has landed. Continue reading