Propellerhead Balance Audio Interface

Propellerhead have recently released their all new low latency audio interface, Balance.

If you’re in the market for a new interface to use with any DAW, or if you’re after an interface to best integrate with Propellerhead Reason 6, then look no further than Balance.


Upgrade To Propellerhead Reason 6 for $1/1EURO (or more)

Nope you didn’t read this wrong… If you already own any version of Reason AND any version of Record.  Then from 30th September to 31st August 2011 you can pay what you want for the upgrade to Reason 6 (although there’s a minimum of $1/1EURO).

There’s no catch at all, and the only thing is it’s only a downloadable license (i.e. you get no boxed product), but it’s a full version of the license with no catches.

Check it out here:

A Reason For Recording

Propellerhead Reason being as stable and feature packed as it is, and having been used on countless high profile albums, needs no lengthy introduction from me.

The recent announcement of Reason 6 does need a little more explanation.

It would seem that Record (propellerhead’s cut down DAW) will have its features incorporated into Reason 6, and therefore Record will no longer be required.  Those of us (me included) who paid the extra for Reason Record Duo, will get a special lower upgrade price for Reason 6.  So that means our purchases of Record will not go to waste.

What’s most important to me is the continuing inclusion of Line 6 guitar and bass amps, as they are a large part of me purchasing into Propellerhead’s world of no plug-ins.

For the full detail on all this, and the upgrade prices for Reason 6, which will be available at the end of September 2011: Visit