Tips For Buying Pro Headphones


Here’s a great article with some tips for buying pro headphones for different needs:


Line 6 Mobile POD – Mobile In demo track

Following on from my review of the Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD earlier in the year, I’ve recorded a short demo track showing how well the Mobile In audio interface for iPhone/iPad works, and how good the amp simulations in Mobile POD sound.

For this demonstration I used the Brit Hi-Gain amp model (Which I think is inspired by a Marshall JCM800.  I added delay and reverb using POD Farm 2.5 as a plug-in within my recording software, as I wanted some stereo delay and reverb (neither of which are included in Mobile POD at the moment).  Hopefully more FX will be released soon though, as it’s certainly benefitted from the recent update where you can play from your iTunes library directly in Mobile POD now!  Which now makes it my favourite home rehearsal tool, as well as something I always keep in my gigbag when I’m gigging, just in case I need a quick and easy backup rig!

Check out the demo at 

Check out my review of the Mobile In interface and Mobile POD app:

For more information about Mobile In and Mobile POD see

Line 6 Release POD HD500, HD Bean, and HD Pro v1.4 Free Update

Do you have a POD HD500, HD Bean or HD Pro?  Well you’re in for a treat.  Line 6 have released a free update for you with some great additions.

If you want more DSP, then you can configure a POD HD500 and a POD HD Pro (or multiple POD HD Pro’s) daisy chained using an S/PDIF and a MIDI cable, and configure your 1st device to control effects on the 2nd device.  This means that you can potentially run half your single signal chain on each unit, while still having total control, and keeping your audio in the digital domain.  OR you could run dual tones (1 on each) and have more DSP intensive FX in your chain… Like if you want to have, say 8 complex reverbs… (kidding).  That dual tone approach is possible because the Pro has a dry output which you could feed back to the HD500’s or another Pro’s input… As we don’t like dirty signal degrading Y cables!

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Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD App – Released

I blogged a while back that Line 6 had announced the impending release of their premium iPhone4/iPad/iPad2 audio interface.  Well I’ve just heard that Mobile In (the interface) has started shipping, and Mobile POD (the free amplifier and effects simulator app) is available to install from the App Store.  Watch this space for a full review coming in the next few weeks.

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Positive Grid JamUp – Guitar Amp Sim and MultiFX for iPhone/iPad/iPod

It seems that the guitar amp sim and multi FX market has finally caught up with all the electronic music apps for iOS, and in the last 12 months I’ve lost count of the number of Amp sim and MultiFX appps and interfaces for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Well thank the Lord, finally we have a good choice, with apps from IK Multimedia (iRig), Apple (Garageband), Line 6 (Mobile POD), just to name a few…. But now we have another interface and App from Positive Grid: Called JamUp.

They all work in slightly different ways, but the end result is good to great from all of them. Some also make their own interface, and although there will of course be some cross-compatibility: You can be sure the best performance is likely to be had from using an interface and software combination both from the same vendor.

Propellerhead Balance Audio Interface

Propellerhead have recently released their all new low latency audio interface, Balance.

If you’re in the market for a new interface to use with any DAW, or if you’re after an interface to best integrate with Propellerhead Reason 6, then look no further than Balance.

Upgrade To Propellerhead Reason 6 for $1/1EURO (or more)

Nope you didn’t read this wrong… If you already own any version of Reason AND any version of Record.  Then from 30th September to 31st August 2011 you can pay what you want for the upgrade to Reason 6 (although there’s a minimum of $1/1EURO).

There’s no catch at all, and the only thing is it’s only a downloadable license (i.e. you get no boxed product), but it’s a full version of the license with no catches.

Check it out here:

Line 6 Announce POD HD Pro Rack Processor

The mothership has landed, and what an impressive mothership it is!

The latest Line 6 multi-FX and amp modeler to be branded with the POD HD moniker is the all new POD HD Pro.  It’s similar to the rest of the POD HD family and still boasts 22 amazingly detailed amp models, 16 cab models, 8 mic models, and over 100 high quality M-Series FX.  The easy to use interface will be familiar to you if you’ve used a POD HD500 or HD bean, but simple to work out if you’re new to the POD HD line or amp modelers in general.  Obviously the Pro model has some extra features which will certainly appeal more to studio users as well as those of us who like to keep our gear in a rack at the back of the stage and control it with an FBV Shortboard front of stage.

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POD HD Bean 101 – Part 4 – Custom Lead Tones

Welcome to the last in a four part series of videos looking at creating your own custom presets on the new and interesting Line 6 POD HD Bean.
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