Signature Tone Hunters

Some guitarists feel the need to engage in an everlasting and bloody (expensive) quest to replicate the signature tone of their favourite guitar hero(s). Is there rhyme or reason to this widespread madness? – We shall see…..

Take for example the distinctive ex GnR top hat toting Saul ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ Hudson, aka Slash. Perhaps one of, if not the most hunted signature tone around. Thousands of bedroom guitar bandits have simply strapped on a saucy Les Paul standard, run it through a Silver Jubilee amplificator with Vintage 30s Speaker-me-bobs and put a top hat upon their bonce, and their transformation was almost complete – so long as their chops produce a high level of Riffability.
Sure, if you’ve already changed your name by deed-poll to Slash, you could then get a daft early 90s (aka dodgy) perm and engage in trying to Mod your vintage Marshall to sound like the fabled SIR #34. Or is it the SIR #39? Who knows!? But without Slash’s own fingers and style, you’ll only ever get close enough as to be a poor imitation at the very best.

But remember: Always condition your hands with snake oil each night – it really helps to better imitate guitar hero’s.


Marshall Slash SL-5 Official Demo Video – Coming Soon


News just in:
Chris George, Marshall Amplification’s official demonstrator and new product coordinator said the following in relation to the Marshall Slash SL-5 demo video:
“We shot the usual full demo yesterday for the website too. Will be online on the 15th.”

Also in an earlier tweet, posted the photo above and said:
“About to film the official @MarshallAmpsUK online demo for the SL-5. Should be a good one.”

For those interested, no I’m not a stalker, I’m just a big fan of Marshall gear. If you are too, get following @MarshallAmpsUK and @ChrisGeorgeBand

NAMM 2013: Marshall Slash SL-5C First Photos + Specs


SL-5 2Marshal SL-5C 2Marshal SL-5C 1

Marshall Amplification is pleased to announce the launch of the new SL-5C Slash Signature Amplifier.

The SL-5C is an all valve 5 watt amplifier incorporating various features, but above all else that distinctive Slash tone.

Working closely with Slash after the success of the AFD100, it was deemed appropriate to make a more accessible amplifier that is ideal for home or studio use. The SL-5C has two channels; Clean and Overdrive. A single volume control for the clean takes you from authentic Slash clean to Marshall crunch. The Overdrive channel, consisting of volume and gain, nails the AFD style tone and more. Both of the channels have obviously been approved by Slash himself. A master EQ section of Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence is included, as well as high quality custom voiced digital reverb. On top of providing 5 Watts of valve power, the SL-5C can also be switched to just 1 Watt at any time giving you perfect Slash tone at bedroom volume. The amp also has high and low sensitivity inputs.

At the heart of the amp are three ECC83 preamp valves and a single EL34 valve for its power stage. Slash’s favourite Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ 12” speaker brings the amplifier to life.

Power: 5 watts or 1 watt
Type: Combo
Channels: 2 Custom Voiced footswitchable Channels – Clean & Overdrive (footswitch included)
Controls: Green/Red Channel Status LED’s, Full EQ section, Presence Control, Digital Reverb (footswitchable), High/Low Sensitivity Inputs
Power Tubes: 1 x EL34
Preamp Tubes: 3 – ECC83
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
Power Output: Dual Output – 5 watts or 1 watt
Speaker Outputs: 8 & 16 ohm
Front panel includes Slash signature
Notes: Expected to ship May 1st 2013

Confirmed: Marshall Slash SL-5 (aka AFD5 combo) will be released at Winter NAMM 2013


News just in!  Slash (@Slash) tweeted the following on 21st Jan 2013:

“I won’t be able to attend myself, but the new Marshall AFD 5w Combo will be making its debut appearance at NAMM this weekend. iiii]; )'”

Shortly followed up by none other than Paul Marshall (@PaulM1962)

@Slash absolutely true, the all new @MarshallAmpsUK AFD 5W combo can be seen @NAMM on the Marshall stand, super cool combo”

Note: The photo above IS NOT the AFD5 (also called the SL-5).  The photo above is of a custom 5 watt combo that Marshall made for Slash a while back, but is not the same amp as the AFD5/SL-5

Marshall SL-5 Slash Update


Check out the latest edition of Total Guitar magazine, which landed a few days ago. It includes an interview with Slash, who again confirms the existence of his 5 watt Marshall amp due out soon, and added that it includes a 1watt / 5watt mode, which makes it ideal for a practice and rehearsal amp.

Marshall SL-5 Slash


Well it seems there are some real listings of the Marshall SL-5 showing up on European retailer sites, with prices starting as low as 719EURO but also rising up to 895EURO RRP.

There is little info about this amp yet, or photos, but I am told there may be a little more released in the coming weeks…. Perhaps 😉

Note: The image above is of a custom combo Marshall made for Slash several years back. Chris George (The new product coordinator from Marshall) has confirmed that the SL-5 will not be the same as this photographed amp.  Chris George (Follow him on twitter @chrisgeorgeband) also said when referring to the amp photographed above: “That amp that’s done the rounds on the net was a one off 5w gift for Slash a few years ago. The SL-5 is completely different.”

So there we have it, we still know nothing about the SL-5, other than a rough idea of price, and that it’s likely to be released at winter NAMM in around a month.

Marshall AFD100 and YJM100 @ Musikmesse 2011


Above you can see a couple of pics I took on my iPhone, in the Marshall demo booth at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt.

In one photo you can clearly see the Slash AFD100 on the far left, then the JYM100 to the right of it.  Then on the far right the JMD100.  There’s also a pic of The Chris George band actually playing, and I was lucky enough to shake Chris by the hand and have a discussion about how good the new Slash and Malsteem heads sound.

You know the drill.  For more info visit

Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature – RELEASED

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you need no dull specs of this amp, as it’s already well publicised. What you may not know already is that the Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature has officially been released, and is available on Marshalls website, if you want to know more. CLICK HERE.