Line 6 Spider Online Launched

In recognition for the 1,000,000 guitarists who have bought a Spider amplifier, Line 6 have given us a load of free goodies.

Spider Online is a free online resource that provides lessons, amp tones, backing tracks and much more to owners of any Line 6 Spider amplifier.  Thanks Line 6!

Check it out by going to


Line 6 Spider Amps, used by 1,000,000 Guitarists!

If you own a Spider series amplifier from Line 6, then you’re one in a million…. No seriously you are, because Line 6 have announced that over one million guitarists use their Spider range of amplifiers….

OK, that’s not such an exclusive club, but it’s a statement that will surely mean Line 6 are making Spider amplifiers for the foreseeable future.  Rock On!

For more information, please visit:

Line 6 Spider Valve (Inc MKII) Padded Covers

I think the picture says it all.  If you’re after something to protect your Spider Valve (original or MKII) from bumps and dings, then look no further than Line 6’s own padded covers.  They also make non padded slips for the Spider IV range.

Check out or The Line 6 Store for more info.

Transfer Spider Valve/Spider III presets to Spider Valve MKII/Spider IV

A few years ago, Line 6 released the amazing Spider Valve and Spider III, and they became a huge hit straight away.  They then took on board the few areas where users said they could improve a little, and released the doubley amazing Spider Valve MKII and Spider IV a couple of years later.

It seems now is a popular time for users to upgrade from Spider Valves and Spider III’s to Spider Valve MKII’s and Spider IV’s… But those users also want to take their presets with them… Well here’s how to do it:  Continue reading

Line 6 Support Videos

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to work your Line 6 gear?? If you are, then I’m not sure hyow (it’s so easy) BUT fear not! Help is at hand! Line 6 have created videos on just about every aspect of using their products. check it out here:
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TOP 10 – Line 6 Current Products

Line 6 have been churning out some of the best guitar gear available for over 10 year now. Ever since my first POD Pro and Floorboard I bought in 2001, I have been lucky enough to own around 20 different Line 6 products at various times, until today where I still own a few of what I consider to be some of the best products Line 6 have ever made. Continue reading