Delayed Reaction – Line 6 DL4 vs TC Electronic Flashback X4 Shootout


Delays are often sworn about and can on occasion be the cause of a monumentus pain in the ass.  I am of course describing delays to us going about our daily lives. Be it traffic jams, late public transport, or our children throwing up all over themselves and us, moments before we are due to leave for work.  But not all delays are bad.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
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Beam It With TC Electronic’s TonePrint App

If you’ve not already heard about it, get over to TC Electronic’s Website and checkout their TonePrint enabled compact pedals, and the new TonePrint app for iPhone (and soon for Android).

You can literally play a sound from your iPhone, with the iPhone next to your guitar pickups, and the pedal hears the sound and can reconfigure itself! It’s called Beam It. How cool is this for downloading artist settings and sharing with your mates!