Don’t Put Your Neck On The Line

Following on from my previous blog, guitar security and theft prevention is worth thinking about.  Here we have the Kensington Lock of the guitar world: The Rock Lock.

It’s a simple idea, that you lock your guitar to something larger to prevent your guitar being stolen.  Perhaps it’s the handle of your 4×12, or part of the drum kit.  Either way, it makes it harder for a thief to put your guitar under a long coat and walk off with it.

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Take Photos of Your Gear Serial Numbers – You May Need Them

Here’s a lucky chap, who had recorded his guitars serial number before his beloved Telecaster was stolen.  Meaning when he happened upon it being for sale on eBay 6 years later, he could contact the police and get it back.  I would assume you’d need photographic proof and perhaps have registered it before it was stolen, and likewise informed the police of the theft already… BUT it was worth it in the end!

Check out the full story over at Star Tribune.

A Real Coffin for a Fender Telecaster…


There really are some sick people in this world… A man dies, and in his coffin is placed his beloved Fender Telecaster, only to have some grave digger decide that it’s worth too much to be left in his coffin, and so swipes it!  For The Love of God, what was he thinking?

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