Rowbinet 2011 Look Back – 2012 Look Forward

With 2011 fast becoming a distant memory, and a haze of turkey and beer (well the last week of 2011 at least), it’s time to gather around the camp fire and sing a few verses of some vomit worthy acoustic cheesey pop song from the days when my gran was my age…  Or alternatively, crack open another beer (hair of the dog and all that) and let’s review the most viewed posts on my blog in 2011, and also look at the exciting products I think we will see very soon in 2012.
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TOP 10 – Line 6 Current Products

Line 6 have been churning out some of the best guitar gear available for over 10 year now. Ever since my first POD Pro and Floorboard I bought in 2001, I have been lucky enough to own around 20 different Line 6 products at various times, until today where I still own a few of what I consider to be some of the best products Line 6 have ever made. Continue reading

TOP 10 iPad Music Apps

Shockingly (but unsurprisingly typical) the iPad still isn’t even available for pre-order in the UK (Although it will be ay the 10th May). So although us Brits are being left out in the cold, it doesn’t mean that we can’t drool a lot and take a good long look at the apps that will be available for it when it is finally available.

Click HERE to read a great article that shows us the top 10 computer music applications currently available for the iPad.