Winter NAMM 2016 – What’s Hot?

Well, it’s been a busy past year with work and family life – barely leaving time to blog.  But fear not, Rowbi couldn’t resist blogging after seeing all the news this evening about numerous guitar related gear being released at Winter NAMM!

Line 6 look to have come up trumps with the Firehawk 1500 – I recall when I first found out about this beast when it was only an idea, I was staggered that they’d fit in a 1500 watt power amp into a large combo – however when you think that the Line 6 StageSource PA speakers are 1400 watts then it seems sensible for a guitar amp come FRFR PA system.  Essentially for me, this is the Vetta III, and compared to other similar offerings it just has no competition for the great value ~£750 price tag.  Check out the cost of Boss’ new Waza Craft amp head and cabinet (it’s ~£3000, yes look again, that’s no typo) – silly money for the Boss.

Click here for more info on the Firehawk 1500.

Firehawk_1500The Amplifi range has a new baby in the Amplifi30 – Fab products all round (I have the TT and 75 courtesy of Line 6 beta testing) and the 30 watter will deliver a great solution to those needing a guitar amp/Bluetooth streaming speaker – but in a smaller and better value product.

Click here for more info on the Amplifi30.

Next we come onto Marshall. They’re taking a very different approach with their new CODE modelling amps – only modelling their own valve amps. Of course they own prime examples of their own amps which I’ve been lucky enough to see first-hand in the Marshall museum – so who better to model Marshall amps than Marshall themselves. It’s sort of a competitor to the Amplifi range above, as there’s Bluetooth editing and streaming included – however with the range of amps only being Marshall some might say it’s a bit limited… Not me though, Everyone loves Marshall amps, and you’ve got every style of amp covered here – what’s not to like! Some of the demo videos so far released show they’ve recorded the demo on the CODE25 and CODE50 combos, thus showing that the best tones are available across the whole range – not just from the flagship 100 watt head!

Click here for more info on the Marshall CODE amplifier product line.marshall-code

There’s not much to say about the FBV3 – the previous version (the Shortboard MKII) has been around a while.  It’s great to see the long list of previous products that the FBV3 works with (Going back to the Spider II, POD2, Vetta, HD147) as well as of course supporting the latest products too.  It’s essentially a Firehawk style pedal with multi colour footswitch indicators – nice1.

Click here for more info on the FBV3.FBV3

OH MY GOD!!!!!! A 20 watt Silver Jubilee head (and combo)!!!! I’m sure many guitarists prayers are answered right here.  Combo includes a Celestion G12M Greenback, and both have a 5 watt low power mode.

I’ve nothing else to say except: AWESOME!

Click here for more info on the Mini Jubilee.


I’ve owned  and gigged with Line 6 Relay G50 and G90 units in the past and they were absolutely solid and faultless.  Pro guitarists also seem to really rate the G90 units, so I’m pleased my thoughts on them are shared by those who are more qualified than I am to make judgement.  The introduction of the G10 is a stab at simplifying what was already a simple set of wireless systems – however with any settings came a tiny bit of complexity that the average guitarists just wouldn’t want or need.  Sure a pro player needs to be able to select up to 12 different wireless frequencies, but most do not.  The G10 is so simple that I’m sure it will be a big seller!

Click here for more info on the Relay G10.



NAMM 2015 – Line 6 Variax Standard

Vax Black

That’s right people, a standard series Variax, with all the usual wizardry contained to give the same great Variax technology at a more sensible cost point for semi-pro guitarists and those on a slightly lower budget.

Need more info, check out

NAMM 2013: Line 6 Announce Tyler Variax JTV-89F Floyd Rose Limited Edition



Line 6 Introduces New James Tyler Variax JTV-89F Guitar

New solidbody guitar features Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech

 ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 24, 2012—Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A), leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians, is pleased to introduce JTV-89F, the newest member of the acclaimed James Tyler® Variax® family. With a Floyd Rose® licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech and the ability to virtually tune down a whole octave without impacting playability or intonation, JTV-89F is ready to throw down like the hammer of Thor.

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Line 6 Tyler Variax HD upgrade & Variax Workbench HD

Coming soon to a downloads page near you: Tyler Variax HD

Tyler Variax HD will be a free upgrade from amp and guitar modelling pioneers Line 6 enhancing all James Tyler Variax guitars to include an entire collection of pristine HD instruments.

Also included with this upgrade will be a new version of Variax Workbench, unsurprisingly named ‘Workbench HD’. This will be supported by all Tyler Variax guitars and will enable new ways to customize your guitars and tones.

Line 6 Tyler Variax 89F

Line 6 are set to announce a new member of the Tyler Variax family at Winter NAMM 2013 in a few days time. This limited edition guitar equipt with a licensed Graph Tech Floyd Rose is an all new version of the renowned JTV-89 and will be called the JTV-89F. More news to follow at NAMM.


Line 6 JTV59 Review – One Guitar, Many Personalities!


Blast From The Past

If you’ve not been following my previous blog posts about the Line 6 – James Tyler Variax guitars, then click here: There’s also a separate JTV59 in depth review from fellow Line 6 User Expert and Rowbinet guest blogger Nick Mattocks which you will also find via that link.

So what’s the point of me reviewing the same model of JTV59 too? Well everyone has different opinions, as well as having different physical guitars of the same type (which should of course be almost identical)…
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Line 6 Extends The Acclaimed Dream Rig with Free James Tyler Variax® v1.8 and POD® HD v2.0 Updates – SEE. CHANGE.

Along come Line 6, and give us some more free updates.  This time some extra features for the modelling of the acoustic guitar models in the JTV, as well v2.0 for the higher end POD HD devices.

Line 6 Extends The Acclaimed Dream Rig with Free James Tyler Variax® v1.8 and POD® HD v2.0 Updates

–New features for Line 6 James Tyler Variax guitars, and POD HD Pro and POD HD500  multi-effects, create even more inspiring experience for the world’s first fully integrated rig for guitarists–

ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 19, 2012—Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A/B) the industry leader in digital audio technology for musicians and audio professionals, announces free updates for James Tyler Variax® modeling guitars and POD® HD multi-effects that give users incredible new features and enhanced integration.

Soon to be downloadable for free on, JTV firmware v1.8 for the James Tyler Variax series features spectacular updates to the guitar’s five acoustic models and enhanced functionality when the guitar is connected to a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro multi-effect processor.

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Line 6 JTV and Paul Hindmarsh Embark On UK Tour!

What’s your favourite superlative?  Like a rock star throwback from the 1980’s crossed with a Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) wannabe: My favourite superlative has to be AWESOME!… I say it far more than any self respecting guitarist should, but much like my GAS (Gear acquisition Syndrome), it’s a hard habit to break.

On this occasion I am forced to make an exception, and only because AWESOME! just will not cover it.
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Line 6 Announce POD HD Pro Rack Processor

The mothership has landed, and what an impressive mothership it is!

The latest Line 6 multi-FX and amp modeler to be branded with the POD HD moniker is the all new POD HD Pro.  It’s similar to the rest of the POD HD family and still boasts 22 amazingly detailed amp models, 16 cab models, 8 mic models, and over 100 high quality M-Series FX.  The easy to use interface will be familiar to you if you’ve used a POD HD500 or HD bean, but simple to work out if you’re new to the POD HD line or amp modelers in general.  Obviously the Pro model has some extra features which will certainly appeal more to studio users as well as those of us who like to keep our gear in a rack at the back of the stage and control it with an FBV Shortboard front of stage.

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Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV59 CSB Expert Review

I received my new James Tyler Variax JTV-59 last Friday (17 June 2011) which I ordered and paid for in August 2010. My initial fevered G.A.S. fuelled excitement wore off months ago, but I have to say I am stoked with the new guitar. I felt compelled to put something down in writing about my first 48 hours of ownership and thought it might be of some help to anyone who is perhaps considering a JTV-59 or for those that might still be awaiting the arrival of their guitars.

I am an L6 Expert User over on the Line 6 forums (see here for more info:, but I have tried to tell it exactly the way it is for me without bias.

Anyway, for those of you that might be interested, download the whole review HERE.

Nick Mattocks